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Image of do getting a bath

Health Check

It's not just important for your pet to look healthy on the outside but to also be healthy on the inside, That is why at Wagtails we provide a free pet health check up before every grooming.

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Image of dog getting nails cut

Nail and Paw Care

Professional Nail and Paw care is available and is important because if left unattended these areas can cause great discomfort to a dog. Clipping the fur between toes and pads helps to minimise future tats and stops debris collecting between the toes. For most dogs leading an active lifestyle, nail trimming and paw care is recommended every 6 to 8 weeks.

Image of dog getting its teeth checked

Dental Care

As part of our health check we check all dogs teeth for any plaque, gum disease or infection. We can advise a dental referral to the vets.

Image of dog getting ear cleaned

Ear Care

Our ear care service involves the gentle cleaning and trimming of the ears. Dogs with folded ears benefit most from ear care as the fold in the ear creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Any excess ear hair is gently removed to help keep the ear dry and prevent build-up of dirt, for dogs with heavy drooping ears the inside is clipped short and the outside is trimmed of bulky hair to achieve a lighter ear with better circulation

Brushing the Fur

Contact Us

If you are interested in booking your dog in for a grooming or just want to find out more about our services please contact us down below. 

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